( Consumed by ancient civilizations of the Mayans, Incans, & Aztec warriors and Native American Cultures, Chia is one of the nature’s perfect foods for optimum health!  It is nutritionally dense, making a small bit of Chia go a long way for providing you with the nutrients you need for you day.

1 Tbsp DAILY | Chia is a whole raw food that is a natural source

of Omega-3s, antioxidants & phytonutrients and is a superior plant-based source of protein & fiber. Soak in water for 15min before consuming. 

BRAIN POWER | Its balance of Omega essential fatty acidsincreases flexibility of cellular membranes, creating improved nutrient transport and nerve transmission within your body. It boosts brain functioning, especially mental endurance, focus, and concentration.

PERFORMANCE | Chia optimizes physical ability and mental focus, making your best performance even better. Essential Omega-3s and abundant Protein positively affect your muscles.
HYDRATION | It acts as pure, natural fuel for your body. With the ability to hold onto moisture, it prolongs your system's hydration and helps you power through times of extreme exertion.
WEIGHT LOSS | Chia’s high nutrient density, protein content, and both insoluble & soluble fiber makes it a fantastic food for weight loss and increasing a feeling of fullness with just small amounts of this food.
DETOXIFICATION AID | Chia’s ability to retain water and hydrate facilitates your body’s removal of toxins and helps flush them out.
BEAUTY | Chia’s high essential fatty acid content is great for strengthening hair, skin, & nails.
RECOVERY FROM STRESS | Chia fights against swelling & pain, aiding in the healing process after grueling activities, every day chores & daily stress.
STRENGTH | Chia is the Mayan translation for strength. Aztec warriors also consumed Chia during their six week to survive and strengthen themselves with the highly portable and nutritionally powerful food.

MORE OMEGA-3's THAN SALMON | MORE DIETARY FIBER than Flax Seed MORE FOLATE than Asparagus MORE CALCIUM than Whole Milk MORE MAGNESIUM than Broccoli MORE IRON than Spinach MORE ANTIOXIDANTS than Blueberries MORE SELENIUM than Flax and MORE POTASSIUM than Bananas.

 “Every morning I start off with some Chia!  It’s simple, fast to make, and perfect for helping me get through my day more easily and with more energy than after a big breakfast.”
“Instead of a morning cup of coffee, I have my morning cup of Chia!”
ADD ESSENTIAL OILS | To flavor your Chia, soak in water and play with different combinations of essential oils and/or spices! Get creative with your culinary tastes using lemon, peppermint, lavender, Thieves, orange essential oils, etc. and cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla extract, etc. to zest it up!
EGG REPLACEMENT | Chia gel that forms after it’s combined with water forms a great egg replacement to use in preparing raw food meals.


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