( Health is all about strengthening the immune system and fighting off disease.  Chlorella is a single-cell freshwater GREEN ALGAE at the top for detoxing the body and strengthening the immune system.  Chlorella’s foundational abundance in chlorophyll, which is the first physical form of food from light energy, makes it of the highest healing and nutritional ability.  Take chlorella to DETOX heavy metals & toxins out of your body, reduce cravings, and STABILIZE your blood sugar levels!

NUTRITION | Chlorella contains many vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and nucleic acids to help strengthen your cells, blood, and oxygen-carrying ability, along with balancing your blood sugar levels.
IMMUNE SYSTEM | Chlorella stimulates the immune system, specifically Natural Killer cells and the initiation of the immune response to fight off foreign substances and toxicity.  Take Chlorella to immediately strengthen your immune system’s response to fighting off illnesses of any scale.

HEAVY METAL DETOX | Chlorella is the top food to detox the body of heavy metals.  It is even more effective when combined with INFRA-RED SAUNA [see onesheeter] therapy.  Remember to drink plenty of water with chlorella and sauna therapy so any detoxed toxins can be flushed out of the body, so that they do not reabsorbed again.
RADIATION DETOX | Chlorella helps heal the effects of radiation exposure.
CHLOROPHYLL | Chlorella contains large amounts of chlorophyll, which is almost identical to the structure of the Hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Similar Structure = Similar Function.  Chlorophyll builds blood!
BLOOD SUGAR REGULATOR | Chlorella balances blood sugar levels.   Take 8-20 chlorella tablets and wait 20min and your blood sugar will balance out.  This makes chlorella an excellent supplement for healing your body, but also for people with hypo or hyperglycemia.
REDUCES CRAVINGS | Cravings are attributed to blood sugar ups and downs.  Since chlorella stabilizes blood sugar, it also reduces food cravings by evening out blood glucose levels associated with the carb cycle trap.

DIGESTIVE AID & HEALER | Chlorella helps to heal and reduce inflammation of the digestive tract lining, along with supporting beneficial bacteria of the gut flora.  Chlorella helps alleviate constipation.
NEURAL BALANCER | Chlorella balances stress, calms nerves, and aids in establishing good mental health.
BREATH FRESHENER | Chlorella freshens mouth odors!
 “I eat chlorella as a snack whenever I get a hungry, and then I’m all set to continue whatever it is that I was doing without the hunger signal distractions!”
“Even my kid thinks they’re tasty!”
“My dog LOVES THEM.  They’re her favorite treat to eat! What better way to treat my puppy with love than with healthy and tasty chlorella treats!”
“Chlorella is at the top of the list for detox.  It is the most effect of the green algae in taking out heavy metals and radiation from the body, as it has a mineral complex that magnetizes toxins and acts as a sponge to soak them up.” –Dr. Brian Clement from LifeForce
LifeGiveTM CHLORELLA | This brand of chlorella is a trusted product.  And with chlorella, the product quality can widely range depending on the location and system of processing.  Other sources of chlorella can also be at a greater risk of being tainted with surrounding radiation in the area or water.  According to LIVET, this is the top product
KIDS | Many kids enjoy the taste of chlorella! Try it out!
DOG TREATS | Dogs find them delicious.  Just like wheatgrass. Give them to your dog as a healthy treat and help them detox too!


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