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LIVET LIFESTYLE is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to Start Living… by Making Proper Lifestyle Decisions about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… Let this Health Duo Inspire You also to go on a LIVET and Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds of Consciousness.

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(LIVET.TV) We have selected the 7 top foods for you to consume daily to four times a week for maximum nutrition. Life comes from Life so eat living plant based foods. The sun provides the energy we need to survive. This energy is trapped within plants and when we eat these plants in their highest states our bodies receive that energy and frequency.

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( We needed to go beyond Vegatarian, beyond Vegan, but not all the way out there so we created the clasification of LIVETARIAN to represent people who Enjoy a Lifestyle & Eat Properly to Achieve Optimum Health. Doritos and cola can be considered vegatarian, but you could be in a horrible health situation if that is all that you consumed. Cocain is vegan but that doesn't mean we need to consume it, and the same goes for a lot of products that fit that classification. Saying you are a LIVETARIAN allows you to say, "I Eat Healthy Because It Makes Me Feel Better. I'm Not on a Political Agenda." 

Get inspired to be a LIVETARIAN and practice by Making the Greater Majority of the Food You Consume RAW LIVING FOODS like: RAW VEGETABLES, LEAFY GREENS, WHEATGRASS JUICE, SPROUTS, HEMP, CHIA, AVOCADOS, LOCAL RIPE FRUIT, SPROUTED NUTS, SPROUTED SEEDS, ALGAE & SEA VEGATABLES. Drink Water, Take Supplements, Breathe, Get Sun, Stay Active in Both Body & Mind, Practice Healing Therapies, Purchase Healthy Products for Your Home and Detox Your Body By Not Putting Toxins in It: NO MILK, NO CAFFEINE, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, & NO STORE BOUGHT PROCESSED MEAT. We Hope to Inspire You to go on a LIVET!

When you cook food, it destroys a lot of the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, enzymes, and overall life energy that are available in the raw form of the food. Adding RAW fruits and veggies can bring your body, mind, & spirit back towards an optimum state of health.

The body has the ability to heal itself, it just needs to be nourished with optimally nutritious raw food to provide us with the energy required to heal.

There’s so much taste and vibrancy in the uncooked form of food, it just explodes with flavor when you know how to combine the foods and give it the right zest of dressings and spices!

Wheatgrass holds at least 92 of the 102 minerals found in the soil plus, 17 amino-acids, enzymes, and nutrients the body needs.

Juicing [not to be confused with blending] enables you to get more nutrients in a condensed form that is more easily absorbed by the body, thus providing you with more nutrition.

Consuming just one 2oz shot of Wheatgrass per day is equivalent to 5 pounds of the best vegetables available and serves as a detoxifier, energy-enhancer, weight-loss accelerator, and helps with mental focusing for concentration.
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( The new science is reporting that only 4% of disease is caused purely by genetics. That leaves 96% of all disease being directly influenced by lifestyle choices. This is fantastic news because if a lifestyle choice can create disease, then it can certainly can prevent, or heal disease. 

Currently, we’re at a state where conventional medical
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Tommy Whitmire is an ultimate authority of helping people of all levels to achieve their optimum health. Tommy is the founder of the LIVET LIFESTYLE & the website. He is certified as a Health Educator by the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach FL.

Tommy can be found consulting for government officials of Iraq, Antigua & Barbuda, consulting for businesses, lecturing to
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This is not about Calories, Diets, Medications, or Reading Labels. This is about LIFESTYLE, SOLUTIONS & RESULTS!

“As a Health Consultant & Educator it is my passion to speak to groups of all sizes and ages about Health, Nutrition, Healing and the free and simple things you can do for Optimal Health. I start each presentation talking about the ordinary things in life that you already know you should do but somehow forgot
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( 'LIVET LIFESTYLE the DOCUMENTARY' [HD] 2014 is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to LIVET… by Making Proper Lifestyle Choices about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… You Will Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds. On the LIVET LIFESTYLE You Will Start Living To Your Optimum Potential! 
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( Our intent is to inform you that by utilizing LIVET LIFESTYLE's existing technologies in Nutrition, Agriculture, Natural Healthcare, Education, and Construction of Infrastructure we can bring solutions to the people of FLINT MICHIGAN.
Flint's Unrealized Potential according to our research is: When the local Genesee County Farmers left the farm fields for the factories of GM their land was left alone or the farming was only done for a hobby. When the monocropping boom swept

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