INJECT THE SUN'S ENERGY STRAIGHT INTO THE BLOOD Made fresh daily it combines 2oz of Sunflower Sprout Juice, 2oz of Pea Sprout Juice, 2oz of Celery Juice and 2oz of Cucumber Juice. Juice using a masticating juicer and consume instantly or at least within 15 minutes to maximize nutrition. When we juice we allow the body to uninterruptedly absorb all the vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, hormones, oxygen, phytonutrients and enzymes our body needs to achieve optimum levels. Green Juice feeds the cells the nutrition it needs and allows it to then detox waste it does not need. 

It is a rich source of protein (up to 30%) with a complete amino acid profile, & Vitamin D (rarely found in vegetables). It is high in trace minerals which make it beneficial for bones, muscle and tissue tone. There is a lot of chlorophyll and minerals found in the stem of the plant.

A complete amino acid profile which makes these one of the top sources of protein when compared pound for pound. Contains bioactive lecithin,It is useful in reducing LDL (bad cholesterol) in the blood. Seven times more vitamin C then blueberries, 4 times more vitamin A then tomatoes, 8 times more folate then normal beans. Very good at detoxing arterial walls. Full of digestive enzymes and chlorophyll. 

Provides organic sodium to the body to facilitate circulation and detoxification. 

Very good for the elasticity of the skin. Benefits renal, joint, respiratory, and ligament functioning.


Sprouting releases dormant enzymes, making them more easily digestible and their nutrients more bio-available. By the natural process of transmutation, the vitamin, mineral, enzyme, phytonutrient and amino
acid (protein) content of sprouted food skyrockets, achieving levels never again seen in the life of the plant.