( AFA Blue•Green Algae is the most nutritious food on the planet from fresh-water sources.  It is a superfood and is one of the oldest on Earth, containing 21 amino acids and an abundance of minerals. AFA enhances consciousness and physical performance when consumed, especially in the live form. 

SUPERFOOD | AFA holds an abundance of nutrients, 
phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it a complete and fundamental food for optimum health.
CHLOROPHYLL | One of the most chlorophyll-dense foods on the planet.  Chlorophyll is almost structurally identical to Hemoglobin in our red blood cell and is the foundation for building blood, enabling the body to more efficiently provide it with oxygen and nutrients.

MENTAL PERFORMANCE | Increases mental alertness, awareness, focus, concentration, cognitive functioning, memory, and overall brain health.  Has shown to reduce and can completely remove symptoms of ADD & ADHD.
PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE | Increases energy, endurance, stamina for physical activity, along with reducing recovery time following workouts.  Use 2oz of AFA as a pre and post-workout supplement for faster results.
CELL & TISSUE REPAIR | AFA has shown to stimulate the release of stem cells to initiate and accelerate healing in neural, muscular, and smooth tissues.
ANTI-INFLAMMATION | Contains large amounts of Phycocyanin, a natural cox-2 inhibitor to reduce inflammation, along with a plentiful source of Omega-3s and other essential fatty acids.
DIGESTIVE AID | Helps heal the gut intestinal lining and helps with digestion.
OPTIMUM WEIGHT | AFA helps to regulate weight and bring it into balance.
BEAUTY | AFA helps skin, nails, and hair heal and shine.
MOOD & SPIRIT ELEVATION | Lifts and balances mood; reduces stress.  Known as the love chemical for its role in bringing on feelings of romantic love, Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an organic compound that is naturally released in our brains when we are fully immersed in and loving something. AFA contains large amounts of PEA, about 50 times more than that of chocolate!
 “AFA enabled me to get off my Adderall and was a key component in healing myself of narcolepsy.  I am now mentally and physically functioning at a level of health that I’ve never experienced before.  AFA Blue-Green Algae is a MUST for those interested in more LIFE within themselves and their moments!”
“AFA is one of nature’s most perfect foods for optimum health.”
“AFA Blue-Green Algae fills the gaps of our nutritional profile.” – Michael Saber, owner & founder of E3LIVE
“I've had people who've been depressed for years and years, and literally, within a few days after receiving AFA their depression lifts. A wonderful and unique blend for peak performance of body, mind, and spirit that should be included in any detoxification and rejuvenation program. I take it myself daily.”
– Dr. Gabriel Cousens
“If you think of your body's constitution like the foundation of a house, with all its cracks and crevices, you can think of E3Live as being able to fill in those nutritional cracks and crevices to give you superior health. We here at Hippocrates consider it the most vital wild-grown foundational food on Earth.” – Dr. Brian Clement
2oz SHOT | Take at least 2oz of AFA on an empty stomach for a significant mental and physical boost in your vitality and ability.
E3LIVE | Best AFA Blue-Green Algae product on Market.  For Optimum Health, purchase the bottled live flash-frozen algae.  Capsules are for on-the-go.
KLAMATH LAKE | Has the best source of AFA, harvested as E3Live, from its location within the Ring of Fire Cascade Volcanic Arc.  The geothermic springs below the lake provide the AFA with an abundant source of minerals & nutrients.


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