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COLON HYDROTHERAPY DETOX | Benefits, Facts, Information & Experience from LIVET LIFESTYLE - EasyBlog




Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _ ! It’s Time to LIVET

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COLON HYDROTHERAPY DETOX | Benefits, Facts, Information & Experience from LIVET LIFESTYLE

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( Also referred to as a colonic, Colon Hydrotherapy uses purified warm water to flush and clean out your colon. An unclean colon holds impacted fecal matter that sits and rots in your system. This impacted gunk accumulates toxins that are then absorbed by the walls of your colon and travel into your blood. Toxicity in the blood spreads to every cell in your body.  Clean your colon to clean your blood. Clean your blood to clean your body, mind, and spirit.

CLEARS COLON | Dissolves, loosens, and removes impacted fecal matter that lines colon walls
DETOXIFICATION | Eliminates impacted feces, mucus, yeast (Candida), parasites, bacteria, gas, etc.

NUTRIENT ABSORPTION | By cleaning the gut, the colon walls absorb more efficiently for the body to utilize and absorb nutrients from the food we ingest.
HELPS G.I. | Increases beneficial bacteria and gut flora.  Reduces indigestion issues of bloating, gas, and abdominal cramps.
MOOD LIFTER & BALANCER | The gut is referred to as the second brain for its abundant neural innervation. A healthy gut has shown to lift depression and reduce anxiety.
BLOOD | Cleans blood and increases better blood circulation.  Balances blood pH.
CLEANSE | Cleans organs of elimination | lungs, kidneys, liver, skin
PAIN RELIEVER | Detoxification reduces inflammation in joints, muscles, and other tissues.
INCREASED ENERGY | Increases energy level physically, mentally, and spiritually.
SLEEP AID | Reduces insomnia, fatigue, sleep disturbances, or sleep imbalances.
WEIGHT LOSS | While weight loss and reduction of food cravings is not the main purpose of Colon Hydrotherapy, people have lost as much as 15 lbs. after COMPLETING a colon cleanse.
BEAUTY | Clarifies, hydrates, and tightens skin via detoxification from the inside-out.  Flattens stomach.
FOR WOMEN |Alleviates pre- and post- menstrual discomfort and pain
FOR MEN |Reduces excess pressure on the prostate and lower bowel
SEX LIFE & FERTILITY |Reduces pressure on the sex organs, thus rejuvenating the libido
“How did I loose 13% of my body weight in 30 days?  Because I used colon hydrotherapy 3 times…”
“I feel so clean and rejuvenated following my colon hydrotherapy session.  It is like giving myself a fresh start to revamping my health after flushing out all the bad stuff, I can begin to better absorb and retain all the good stuff.”
“Colon hydrotherapy helps me to stick to a good course of health.  Since colon hydrotherapy helps you to better absorb what you put into your body, it makes me want to only put in beautifully healthy and nutritious things!”
“If your body can’t absorb nutrients, then consuming them is not even worth it.  So the first thing you need to do is to clean out your colon, so that it is functioning at an optimal level.  The water cleans it out.”
“It’s like weeding out the garden…and then replanting it with whole, nutritious foods.” –Wendy Kurtz, colon hydrotherapist
“If you let your dirty dish sit out, the food will dry and impact to the dish and it’s very hard to take a scrub to it.  But if you let the dish sit in water for a few minutes, the impacted stuff is already falling off the dish and it’s easy to clean.  Essentially, you’re putting water up your colon to release particles and clean out your dish.  Just like a dishwasher.”
NOT A COLONOSCOPY | Colon hydrotherapy is not the same thing as a colonoscopy.  A colonoscopy just looks inside your colon, whereas colon hydrotherapy actually cleans it out.
EMPTY STOMACH | Before the procedure, DON’T EAT for 24 hours.  Instead, DRINK water, coconut water, or green juices and CONSUME NOTHING 3 hours before your session.
CLOSED SYSTEM | Ensure that your colon hydrotherapist uses a closed-system colonic irrigation system.  This way any waste is eliminated from the colon and goes directly into the sewage system without any external exposure to air or open space.
ABDOMINAL MASSAGE | Check to make sure your colon hydrotherapist does an abdominal massage during your session while your colon is full of water to speed up the evacuation process.  Do a self-performed abdominal massage right before your appointment, and be hydrated.
WHEATGRASS IMPLANT | For accelerated healing, have your colon hydrotherapist give you a closed-system assisted 4oz wheatgrass implant at the end of your session.
FOLLOW-UP | It is optimal to have your second treatment within 24 to 64 hours after the first, and third treatment 7 days after your second.  Get at least 3 appointments within the month.


Life's Experiences

LIVET LIFESTYLE’s is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to LIVET… by Making Proper Lifestyle Choices about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… You Will Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds. We Hope to Inspire You to go on a LIVET!. 

““We are Excited to be Here with YOU on this Journey to Inspire You, to Help Yourself because NOW is the Time in Your LIFE to Really LIVET!” - LIVET LIFESTYLE

Get inspired to be a LIVETARIAN & Practice LIVETARIANISM by Making the Greater Majority of the Food You Consume RAW LIVING FOODS like: RAW VEGETABLES, JUICED LEAFY GREENS, WHEATGRASS, SPROUTS, HEMP, CHIA, AVOCADOS, LOCAL RIPE FRUIT, SPROUTED NUTS, SEEDS, ALGAE & SEA VEGATABLES. Drink Water, Take Supplements, Breathe, Get Sun, Stay Active in Both Body & Mind, Practice Healing Therapies, Purchase Healthy Products for Your Home and Detox Your Body By Not Putting Toxins in It: NO MILK, NO CAFFEINE, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, & NO STORE BOUGHT PROCESSED MEAT. On the LIVET LIFESTYLE You Will Start Living To Your Optimum Potential!

“We can only hope that we inspire in you the ability to share the LIVET LIFESTYLE with other so together you can Spread ENERGY, LOVE & LIGHT.” - LIVET LIFESTYLE



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    I would like to schedule a colonic hydrotherapy session. Where is your office located?


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