(LIVET.TV) Flint MI where LIVET LIFESTYLE filmed is full of apples trees & has three major apple orchards. We connected these local orchards with the local schools so that the kids will receive a local apple with their lunch in the fall. We also discuss the importance of this local fruit compared to the stuff being imported from Chile.

“Not even five minutes after watching LIVET LIFESTYLE the DOCUMENTARY I was outside in my backyard eating an apple off my own tree.

I have lived in a neighborhood that was built on land purchased from an apple orchard and a lot of trees still remain. For thirty years I have never eaten the fruit off my own trees. I have just assumed it was no good because it wasn’t bright red, shiny & without flaws.

Wow, I have now come to realize that my apples, when ripe & ready are packed full of nutrition and phytonutrients. The apples in my big time grocery store are picked when not ripe, then are treated with chemicals and in the end they rob my body of nutrients.

I’m glad this film inspired in me what I was blind to for thirty years. Local, ripe food tastes fantastic and is fantastic for me.”