"This is Johnny D, the Motivational Cowboy for the LIVET LIFESTYLE. Now that I am on a LIVET I feel OUTSTANDING. I have More Energy and I can focus more on helping other people instead of worrying about my own health."
- Johnny D., "Motivational Cowboy"

“…Free from Breast Cancer in 3 Months…” – Kelly Miller
“…Thank You for Setting Up My Home for the Program.” – Paul 

“…Lost 14 Pounds in 40 Days…” – Brent LaPonsey
“…Kitchen Has Never Looked So Clean & Green…” – Aaron Hamman 
“…I’m Now Healthy, Wife is Healthy, Baby is Healthy…” – Rob Bitz
“…I Now Grow My Own Wheatgrass & Sprouts…” Corey Rush 

“…Blue Green Algae Has Kids Off Meds, Thanks…” – Tony Mecentis
“…Just Talking, Helped Me See My Emotional Block…”  – Matt Chapko
“…Caffeine free since 4/20/13! Setting the intention worked. I don't miss it. :)…” – Sarani

"Just watching your Livet Lifestyle Web Series Trailer was enough to convince me I needed Wheatgrass Juice. The next day I got in the car and drove 30 minutes to get a shot. I got a rush and havn't missed a day this week. I got the Lexan Hand Juicer you spoke to me about. Thank You." - Alan Drummond, "Alan the Ologist"

"My Name is Mike from Phoeniz Arizona and on the LIVET LIFESTYLE I lowered my marathon time by 25 minutes." - Mike Whitmire, Professional Educator & Coach

"It was so nice to meet you today.  Thanks for spending so much time with us. Thanks for all the info. I am so intringed with everything you shared with us.  I am very interested in learning how to be more healthy".... 4 days later ... "I have to start by saying I am a pretty big skeptic of people and items that people are trying to sell.  I startedtaking the algue on Sunday.  I have so much engery it is crazy, I feel great, my mind is crystal clear.  It is very strange I can't explain it. I have been telling all the teacher at school about it and several of them want to order some.  Also I think I have a couple of parents interested.  I also have some people at the gym wanting to order some. I learn soooo much from you." - Laura Walston

"Thank you for investing in us and coming to Antigua.  I must say that this indeed was the most BEST camp we have ever had.  You two were a breath taking and I hope we will continue to remain friends." - Najele Williams, Director Lights on Day Camp

"Hey LIVET, for the past 4 days i've eaten no bread, no meat, no dairy and only vegetables. I've had a huge salad made of red, green and dino kale, cucumbers, peppers, hemp seeds, green olives, broccoli and mushrooms and bean sprouts with organic non dairy ranch dressing. My body odor is terrible today! How can that be? I've also been drinking aloe juice, taking garden of life multi, organic tumeric, and bromalain. Why would i stink so bad?" .....  Couple minutes went by.... "NEVER MIND, I REALIZED I AM DETOXING. WOW, THIS WORKS FAST!" - Rob Bitz

"My Husband and I have been discussing the benefits of wheatgrass and sprouts since I attended the Livet Lifestyle class last Tuesday and he were actually going to get a hold of you to set something up where we could both come in and get your advice on what products would benefit us the most. I'm VERY intregued by what I learned in the class and am ready to take the next step into juicing, but have a few questions that I'd appreciate your help with." - Mike & Jennifer Samuelson


“…Blew Away the Audience with Knowledge of Health…” – Mike Galer
“…Thank You for Speaking at Lunch Staff In-service...” – Lori Grant
“…My Group Asked Questions for 2 Additional hours…” – Cindy Meso
“…Great Talk on Prepping & Growing Own Food…” – Aaron Loutz

…Never Knew About Stevia Instead Of Sugar…”  – Susan Little
“…Drink Water Instead of Diet Coke Because of Talk
 – Beth C.

"Tommy is an inspiring and entertaining speaker with a great sense of humor and engaging personal style. Tom shared a wealth of helpful health and nutrition information with our group, and had people buzzing for days after his talk. Many of our members put his easy to understand and put-into-practice suggestions to the test and had very real results (beyond what they ever expected possible, I might add!). Tom was definitely one of the highlights of our speaker lineup for the year 2013, and we hope to have him back in Miami again very soon." - Hans Keeling

"Thanks Tommy for everything! I am interested in everything you talked about! I think I want to have a sit down if you have time when you get back. I will write down all my questions." - Stephanie, Personal Trainer