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MOVIES Tag Mon, 05 Dec 2022 09:34:50 -0500 Joomla! - Open Source Content Management en-gb TOP 21 VIDEOS to START OPENING YOUR MIND ◦ MOVIES THAT MATTER FILM FESTIVAL by LIVET LIFESTYLE'S The question is, "How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?"
“If we based our identity on identifying with authority then freedom causes anxiety”
“I am taking you through the eye of the needle, you are the thread. Now once you go through that eye you can decide. You can decide what part of the fabric you want to be. Because that’s what it all is, society, reality, time, it’s all about the threads of a cloth, a divine cloth. You want to be a lone thread, go ahead, you want to rip at the fabric, have at it.” 
"I believed that if the people knew the truth about how they had been lied to, about the myths that have led them to endorse this butchery of their lives, that they would choose against it.

The risk that you take when you do that is that you will learn ultimately something about your fellow citizens, your fellow friends and even your own family, that you won't like to hear. That is that they hear it, they learn from it, they understand it, they acknowledge it and they proceed to ignore it.

You are given knowledge, you are given the truth, you are made aware, but you just simply choose to not act on it and to go on living the lie because it is just easier. It is easier to just live with the butchery then to change, you think and you are wrong.

It is said that I do not want to speak this truth to people older then that of middle age, because these are people who during the course of their lives might have possibly sacrificed principle for the sake of career, for the sake of family and they have lived with that compromise, and they will have a lot of disdain, even contempt for a man who is doing it for the sake of principle, and who took the risk.

You are dealing here with a bright young man, a high achiever, a man with a future, who is willing to risk it all, for the sake of not himself, not for his own career interest, but for the sake of the principle.

So in this current world it is now considered by you to be 'American' to become aware of the truth and to ignore it and it is now Un-American' to act on knowledge by living your life in accordance with truth, awareness, health, ethics and by doing the right thing for yourself and your fellow man.
Strike that and reverse it"
Let this be an opportunity for you to take the time to open your mind to some new ideas and realities. Watch the below documentaries and realize and learn from them that this country is not functioning how it is perceived and that we are being deceived. The truth lies in the films below. Please watch them and learn from the American wars about how the government only functions in it's own best interest and take that lesson and let it open your mind about the facts on the food that you eat each day. Watch all of these food documentaries no matter how boring they may be and learn from them. It is the only way you will really start to heal and it will also keep you sharp in the mind and you will be ready to again pounce on this world when the time comes
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