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( Wheatgrass is a complete food and is the king of healing & nutrition among all land plants. Wheatgrass contains 92 of 102 minerals found in soil and is concentrated in chlorophyll, nature’s blood rebuilder. Wheatgrass is 30 times more nutritious then the most nutritious organic vegetables. Loaded with plant enzymes, hormones, oxygen, and phytonutrients, including wheatgrass alone into your life will bring back your youth’s most vibrant energy and vitality into your brain and body. 
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( Also referred to as a colonic, Colon Hydrotherapy uses purified warm water to flush and clean out your colon. An unclean colon holds impacted fecal matter that sits and rots in your system. This impacted gunk accumulates toxins that are then absorbed by the walls of your colon and travel into your blood. Toxicity in the blood spreads to every cell in your body.  Clean your colon to clean your blood. Clean your blood to clean your body, mind, and spirit.

CLEARS COLON | Dissolves, loosens, and removes impacted fecal matter that lines colon walls
DETOXIFICATION | Eliminates impacted feces, mucus, yeast (Candida), parasites, bacteria, gas, etc.

NUTRIENT ABSORPTION | By cleaning the gut, the colon walls absorb more efficiently for the body to utilize and absorb nutrients from the food we ingest.
HELPS G.I. | Increases beneficial bacteria and gut flora.  Reduces indigestion issues of bloating, gas, and abdominal cramps.
MOOD LIFTER & BALANCER | The gut is referred to as the second brain for its abundant neural innervation. A healthy gut has shown to lift depression and reduce anxiety.
BLOOD | Cleans blood and increases better blood circulation.  Balances blood pH.
CLEANSE | Cleans organs of elimination | lungs, kidneys, liver, skin
PAIN RELIEVER | Detoxification reduces inflammation in joints, muscles, and other tissues.
INCREASED ENERGY | Increases energy level physically, mentally, and spiritually.
SLEEP AID | Reduces insomnia, fatigue, sleep disturbances, or sleep imbalances.
WEIGHT LOSS | While weight loss and reduction of food cravings is not the main purpose of Colon Hydrotherapy, people have lost as much as 15 lbs. after COMPLETING a colon cleanse.
BEAUTY | Clarifies, hydrates, and tightens skin via detoxification from the inside-out.  Flattens stomach.
FOR WOMEN |Alleviates pre- and post- menstrual discomfort and pain
FOR MEN |Reduces excess pressure on the prostate and lower bowel
SEX LIFE & FERTILITY |Reduces pressure on the sex organs, thus rejuvenating the libido
“How did I loose 13% of my body weight in 30 days?  Because I used colon hydrotherapy 3 times…”
“I feel so clean and rejuvenated following my colon hydrotherapy session.  It is like giving myself a fresh start to revamping my health after flushing out all the bad stuff, I can begin to better absorb and retain all the good stuff.”
“Colon hydrotherapy helps me to stick to a good course of health.  Since colon hydrotherapy helps you to better absorb what you put into your body, it makes me want to only put in beautifully healthy and nutritious things!”
“If your body can’t absorb nutrients, then consuming them is not even worth it.  So the first thing you need to do is to clean out your colon, so that it is functioning at an optimal level.  The water cleans it out.”
“It’s like weeding out the garden…and then replanting it with whole, nutritious foods.” –Wendy Kurtz, colon hydrotherapist
“If you let your dirty dish sit out, the food will dry and impact to the dish and it’s very hard to take a scrub to it.  But if you let the dish sit in water for a few minutes, the impacted stuff is already falling off the dish and it’s easy to clean.  Essentially, you’re putting water up your colon to release particles and clean out your dish.  Just like a dishwasher.”
NOT A COLONOSCOPY | Colon hydrotherapy is not the same thing as a colonoscopy.  A colonoscopy just looks inside your colon, whereas colon hydrotherapy actually cleans it out.
EMPTY STOMACH | Before the procedure, DON’T EAT for 24 hours.  Instead, DRINK water, coconut water, or green juices and CONSUME NOTHING 3 hours before your session.
CLOSED SYSTEM | Ensure that your colon hydrotherapist uses a closed-system colonic irrigation system.  This way any waste is eliminated from the colon and goes directly into the sewage system without any external exposure to air or open space.
ABDOMINAL MASSAGE | Check to make sure your colon hydrotherapist does an abdominal massage during your session while your colon is full of water to speed up the evacuation process.  Do a self-performed abdominal massage right before your appointment, and be hydrated.
WHEATGRASS IMPLANT | For accelerated healing, have your colon hydrotherapist give you a closed-system assisted 4oz wheatgrass implant at the end of your session.
FOLLOW-UP | It is optimal to have your second treatment within 24 to 64 hours after the first, and third treatment 7 days after your second.  Get at least 3 appointments within the month.


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( Health is all about strengthening the immune system and fighting off disease.  Chlorella is a single-cell freshwater GREEN ALGAE at the top for detoxing the body and strengthening the immune system.  Chlorella’s foundational abundance in chlorophyll, which is the first physical form of food from light energy, makes it of the highest healing and nutritional ability.  Take chlorella to DETOX heavy metals & toxins out of your body, reduce cravings, and STABILIZE your blood sugar levels!

NUTRITION | Chlorella contains many vitamins, nutrients, amino acids, and nucleic acids to help strengthen your cells, blood, and oxygen-carrying ability, along with balancing your blood sugar levels.
IMMUNE SYSTEM | Chlorella stimulates the immune system, specifically Natural Killer cells and the initiation of the immune response to fight off foreign substances and toxicity.  Take Chlorella to immediately strengthen your immune system’s response to fighting off illnesses of any scale.

HEAVY METAL DETOX | Chlorella is the top food to detox the body of heavy metals.  It is even more effective when combined with INFRA-RED SAUNA [see onesheeter] therapy.  Remember to drink plenty of water with chlorella and sauna therapy so any detoxed toxins can be flushed out of the body, so that they do not reabsorbed again.
RADIATION DETOX | Chlorella helps heal the effects of radiation exposure.
CHLOROPHYLL | Chlorella contains large amounts of chlorophyll, which is almost identical to the structure of the Hemoglobin in our red blood cells. Similar Structure = Similar Function.  Chlorophyll builds blood!
BLOOD SUGAR REGULATOR | Chlorella balances blood sugar levels.   Take 8-20 chlorella tablets and wait 20min and your blood sugar will balance out.  This makes chlorella an excellent supplement for healing your body, but also for people with hypo or hyperglycemia.
REDUCES CRAVINGS | Cravings are attributed to blood sugar ups and downs.  Since chlorella stabilizes blood sugar, it also reduces food cravings by evening out blood glucose levels associated with the carb cycle trap.

DIGESTIVE AID & HEALER | Chlorella helps to heal and reduce inflammation of the digestive tract lining, along with supporting beneficial bacteria of the gut flora.  Chlorella helps alleviate constipation.
NEURAL BALANCER | Chlorella balances stress, calms nerves, and aids in establishing good mental health.
BREATH FRESHENER | Chlorella freshens mouth odors!
 “I eat chlorella as a snack whenever I get a hungry, and then I’m all set to continue whatever it is that I was doing without the hunger signal distractions!”
“Even my kid thinks they’re tasty!”
“My dog LOVES THEM.  They’re her favorite treat to eat! What better way to treat my puppy with love than with healthy and tasty chlorella treats!”
“Chlorella is at the top of the list for detox.  It is the most effect of the green algae in taking out heavy metals and radiation from the body, as it has a mineral complex that magnetizes toxins and acts as a sponge to soak them up.” –Dr. Brian Clement from LifeForce
LifeGiveTM CHLORELLA | This brand of chlorella is a trusted product.  And with chlorella, the product quality can widely range depending on the location and system of processing.  Other sources of chlorella can also be at a greater risk of being tainted with surrounding radiation in the area or water.  According to LIVET, this is the top product
KIDS | Many kids enjoy the taste of chlorella! Try it out!
DOG TREATS | Dogs find them delicious.  Just like wheatgrass. Give them to your dog as a healthy treat and help them detox too!


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( AFA Blue-Green Algae is the most nutritious food on the planet from fresh-water sources.  It is a superfood and is one of the oldest on Earth, containing 21 amino acids and an abundance of minerals. AFA enhances consciousness and physical performance when consumed, especially in the live form. 

SUPERFOOD | AFA holds an abundance of nutrients, 
phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids, making it a complete and fundamental food for optimum health.
CHLOROPHYLL | One of the most chlorophyll-dense foods on the planet.  Chlorophyll is almost structurally identical to Hemoglobin in our red blood cell and is the foundation for building blood, enabling the body to more efficiently provide it with oxygen and nutrients.

MENTAL PERFORMANCE | Increases mental alertness, awareness, focus, concentration, cognitive functioning, memory, and overall brain health.  Has shown to reduce and can completely remove symptoms of ADD & ADHD.
PHYSICAL PERFORMANCE | Increases energy, endurance, stamina for physical activity, along with reducing recovery time following workouts.  Use 2oz of AFA as a pre and post-workout supplement for faster results.
CELL & TISSUE REPAIR | AFA has shown to stimulate the release of stem cells to initiate and accelerate healing in neural, muscular, and smooth tissues.
ANTI-INFLAMMATION | Contains large amounts of Phycocyanin, a natural cox-2 inhibitor to reduce inflammation, along with a plentiful source of Omega-3s and other essential fatty acids.
DIGESTIVE AID | Helps heal the gut intestinal lining and helps with digestion.
OPTIMUM WEIGHT | AFA helps to regulate weight and bring it into balance.
BEAUTY | AFA helps skin, nails, and hair heal and shine.
MOOD & SPIRIT ELEVATION | Lifts and balances mood; reduces stress.  Known as the love chemical for its role in bringing on feelings of romantic love, Phenylethylamine (PEA) is an organic compound that is naturally released in our brains when we are fully immersed in and loving something. AFA contains large amounts of PEA, about 50 times more than that of chocolate!
 “AFA enabled me to get off my Adderall and was a key component in healing myself of narcolepsy.  I am now mentally and physically functioning at a level of health that I’ve never experienced before.  AFA Blue-Green Algae is a MUST for those interested in more LIFE within themselves and their moments!”
“AFA is one of nature’s most perfect foods for optimum health.”
“AFA Blue-Green Algae fills the gaps of our nutritional profile.” – Michael Saber, owner & founder of E3LIVE
“I've had people who've been depressed for years and years, and literally, within a few days after receiving AFA their depression lifts. A wonderful and unique blend for peak performance of body, mind, and spirit that should be included in any detoxification and rejuvenation program. I take it myself daily.”
– Dr. Gabriel Cousens
“If you think of your body's constitution like the foundation of a house, with all its cracks and crevices, you can think of E3Live as being able to fill in those nutritional cracks and crevices to give you superior health. We here at Hippocrates consider it the most vital wild-grown foundational food on Earth.” – Dr. Brian Clement
2oz SHOT | Take at least 2oz of AFA on an empty stomach for a significant mental and physical boost in your vitality and ability.
E3LIVE | Best AFA Blue-Green Algae product on Market.  For Optimum Health, purchase the bottled live flash-frozen algae.  Capsules are for on-the-go.
KLAMATH LAKE | Has the best source of AFA, harvested as E3Live, from its location within the Ring of Fire Cascade Volcanic Arc.  The geothermic springs below the lake provide the AFA with an abundant source of minerals & nutrients.



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( Enzymes, meaning change, are the foundation of all biologically active life.  Without enzymes, we could not function.  As we age, our enzymatic reserves deplete over time. Thus, to maintain and increase the biological life within us, we need enzymes to survive.  To avoid enzymatic exhaustion and compromised functioning, we must therefore ingest ENZYMES for optimum health.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES | Enzymes include digestive enzymes such
 as Amylase, Protease, and Lipase to aid in the breakdown of carbs, proteins, and fats respectively.  Digestive enzymes help alleviate gas and bloating from indigestion and poor food-combining.
METABOLIC ENZYMES | This sector of enzymes helps facilitate the functioning of your metabolic processing.  Metabolic enzymes are necessary for the maintenance of life, including growing, moving, thinking, or other forms of energy expenditure at the most basic level of our intra- and inter-cellular processing.

SYSTEMIC ENZYMES | These enzymes are responsible for anti-inflammation, immune-system regulating, blood-cleansing, disease fighting (virus, bacteria, fungi), and tissue restoring activities. 

YOUTH | Ingesting enzymes fight off free-radical damage and slow down our natural aging processes, and thus better retains our youth, rejuvenating both your mind & body.

ORGAN HEALTH | Enzymes are necessary to maintain the function of organ systems.
IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENER | Enzymes regulate and navigate the activity of our immune systems actions.
BLOOD CLEANING | Enzymes help to rid the blood and blood vessels of any foreign or extraneous substances that can be harmful or wasteful to us.
PRE-PREGNANCY | Enzymes are excellent for preparing higher health within yourself and your child before and even during a pregnancy.
HELPS COLON | Enzymes reduce the “sludge factor” in your colon.  Eat enzymes for a healthier colon. Enzymes can reduce toxicity in the body that can come from undigested or rancid food absorbing through the colon walls and into the blood.
 “I never ingest a meal without first taking my enzymes.  They are a necessary supplement in my life for taking care of myself and feeling vibrant with health.”
“Enzymes are tasty.  I eat them like a snack, with the vegetable capsule and all.”
“The immediate impact and power that enzymes have on cleaning and rejuvenating the physical processing and energetic speed of biological activity within our blood is amazing.  Dark-field microscopy analysis of blood before versus after ingesting enzymes confirms these significant differences.”
“The importance of enzymes is shown by the fact that a lethal illness can be caused by the malfunction of just one type of enzyme out of thousands of types present in our bodies… when people use these supplemental enzymes, they experience a reduction in the symptoms of illness and an increase in energy.” -Dr. Brian Clement fromLifeForce
In order to go from destination A to B, you need to move…something.  Enzymes are what make that movement possible by literally changing something from being inactive to being active.  Enzymes put everything into motion.  And things that are ALIVE are things in motion, things that are changing through time.
It’s like if I want to pick up my pen from where I am now, I have to move.  Well, enzymes make that movement possible.  Without them, you could not do anything and you would not be alive.  INGEST MORE ENZYMES TO HAVE MORE ABILITY FOR LIFE TO EXIST WITHIN YOU… AND AS YOU!
LifeGiveTM HHI-ZYMES | A highly reputable product for high-quality and highly effective Enzymes.  HHI-Zymes contain the Digestive, Metabolic, and Systemic enzymes that are necessary for optimum health and functioning.  This product also contains other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to increase the electromagnetic frequency around our cells and maximize protection at the most biologically foundational level of the cell.
SUPPLEMENTAL REST | As a general rule of thumb with supplements, and especially everyday supplements, consume enzymes every day and then 1x per week (i.e. on a fasting day on liquid nutrition) take a break from consuming enzymes to avoid a physical habituation effect.  After six months, take the seventh week off from consuming enzymes, and then return to the normal routine of ingesting enzymes.  Enzymes should be consumed 30min before a meal or broken open and directly poured on food for optimal digestion.


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( Also referred as Hemp Nuts or Hemp Hearts, Livet acknowledges Hemp Seeds as 1 of the top 5 most n
utritious and easily digestible foods on the planet, along with Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Blue-Green Fresh Water Algae and Sea Vegetables.  Hemp Seeds contain ABSOULUTELY NO THC when consumed as a food.  They are a complete protein and perfectly balanced source of Omegas that stimulate healing and reinforcement of our blood, cells, and tissues for a healthy body & brain.

CONSUME 3 Tbsp of HEMP SEEDS DAILY | 3 Tbsp of Hemp Seeds contain 11g protein, 7.5g Omega-6, 3.0g Omega-3, Iron 15%, Zinc 25%, Magnesium 50%, and Phosphorous 50%, along with other minerals and nutrients.

COMPLETE PROTEIN | Hemp seeds contain all 22 amino acids used by the Body.  Hemp seeds are a high-quantity and high-quality source of protein.

PERFECT OMEGA RATIO | Hemps seeds hold a perfectly balanced ratio of Omega 3s, 6s, 9s, essential fatty acids (EFAs) that our cells need to obtain through dietary consumption in order to function efficiently. EFAs have a critical role in growth and development, inflammation response, mood regulation, immune strength, cardiovascular and neurological health, cellular respiration and more.
CHLOROPHYLL | Contains Chlorophyll, which is nearly identical to Hemoglobin, the molecular structure in our blood necessary for building the blood that nourishes and detoxifies our body.
CREAMY & NUTTY FLAVOR | The Hemp Seed Nut is unique in its culinary compatibility and flavor.  It has a deliciously nutty and rich, yet delicate nature.  Hemp tastes great so it is easy to consume.  Unlike Soy, which is unfit for human consumption, Hemp digests well with the body.           

EASILY DIGESTIBLE Hemp Seeds contain the globular plant proteins edestin (65-67%) and albumin (33-35%). Globular proteins are responsible for enzymatic functions in the blood plasma and for antibody formation, making them critical for strong immune function. Hemp seed is also free of trypsin inhibitors and oligosaccharides, two factors that affect the absorption and digestibility of other plant sources of protein. Hemp does not require the use of fertilizers or pesticides to grow, so it is free of toxins.

“Hemp seeds are not only optimally nutritious, but delicious! They are my favorite flavor of nuts.  My favorite is adding Hemp seeds to top off smoothies, salads, and even desserts- especially vegan coconut ice cream!”

“This is a complete protein, all of the amino acids are there…But not only are they there, they’re in the most beautiful ratio of any food.”  -Dr. Brian Clement

All of the nutrients to power that seeds growth are within the seed.  When we consume it, we absorb all of those nutrients and that life force because a part of our physical makeup, influencing our whole system of health.

NO THC | Hemp seeds are the shelled inner seed of the Cannabis sativa plant, containing NO THC, nor can they make you high or cause you to fail a drug test.
NUTIVA | A high quality brand for obtaining Hemp Seeds and Hemp Oil.
HEMP MILK PRODUCTS | It is best to make your own RAW HEMP MILK at home, as most Hemp milk products are heated during the manufacturing process and are thus not raw and contain carrageen, a sub-optimal preservative.
HEMP MILK & HEMP OIL | Although Hemp Milk and Hemp Oil are better alternatives to other milks and oils, they are not optimally nutritious since they are not a complete whole food, rather they are isolated nutrients.  Hemp seeds are optimally nutritious since they are a whole food of perfectly balanced nutrition.



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