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Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _ ! It’s Time to LIVET

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( Chia, The Chia Pet, Chi Chi Chi Chia...

8oz Purified Water
1oz Chia Seeds | Milled, Whole or Both is best
3 Shakes Turmeric | Organic
3 Drops of Pepper mint Young Living Essential Oil
24oz Ball Mason Jar with Top

Let me Sprinkle a little in your hands so you can see it. Ok, These are the same seeds that you are going to find on your Chia Pet. Really, For Real. So is this edible? It is edible , but what you want to do with any seed is to make sure that they are soaked. So all seeds can last for a very long time because they have an enzyme inhibitor around them. What we do when we soak it is eliminate that enzyme inhibitor and we open up the seed to unlock the nutrients. Chia Seeds are high in essential fatty acids so not the fatty acids that make you fat but the fatty acids that actually lubricate your brain, help you think, give you nice skin, and all the other aspects you get from consuming omegas 3's. So how much of that do I take a day? We are going to have something that I will show you later called the SHOT GLASS LIVET. So if you want to keep a shot glass next to you, you just simply fill up your shot glass. So there is your chia. I like to use a Mason Jar, this is just an American Made Ball Mason Jar. When you are making a drink like this you just put a little bit in the bottom. It is purified water instead of tap water. "You Come Prepared my friend" Then we are going to add your Shot glass full of chia seeds. We have today some milled chia seeds. These have actually been ground up a little bit. So chia seeds are always going to need to be chewed, but these are pre chewed. Some people think you get more nutrition from the whole ones and some think you get more from the ground ones, but i really depends if you are willing to soak them and chew them. We will go with a little bit of the whole ones sprinkled in here. You can do another whole shot glass. Today I am using Nutiva Chia Seeds. "Now where can you find those?" You can find them at  store or your local health food store. "Awesome" "Is this something that you shake up?" John we are not done. "Oh, I'm getting a little bit ahead of myself here. John, doing just chia seeds is fine but I like to add a little bit of poppy seeds. A little bit of poppy seed goes in there. "Now why is that?"It is going to give it a little bit of flavor but this is also packed full of nutrition. OK, I didn't know poppy seeds was filled with nutrition.  Yes, most seeds are.  "This is exactly why I am here, I'm learning."If you took even one of those smallest little poppy seeds and you put it in the ground it would grow a plant this big. The first part of that growth in the first few days is actually coming out of the seed. You get all that energy that is in that seed to fuel and run your body.That plant is still alive. It is a living food and if you put it in water it will grow. If you take a hunk of meat and put it in water it is not going to grow. RIGHT RIGHT RIGHT... Life comes from Life. It has a lot of frequency, a lot of energy and that comes into our body. A lot of people hopefully have heard of turmeric. This is known as a spice this should be in anybody's kitchen and in anybody's LIVET and in their meals. This is one of the best anti-inflamatories there is. So people you are complaining of their achy this or that, Turmeric is going to remedy that. I put in a couple hits of Turmeric, which is just about three dashes. We love essential oils and this is the peppermint essential oil by Young Living Essential Oils. We are going to put in a dash of that. If you just hold it and give it a nod and a twist. Go ahead and give that a smell. If this was scratch and sniff, this is amazing. I'm glad you like that. This takes us to about 8 ounces of liquid. We will add another dash to get up to approximately eight ounces. We put the top on and go ahead John, give it a shake. Get it right off the bottom. I think it is done. We are going to let this sit for at least 15 minutes. The longer you can let it sit the better. "Ok, I was going to ask you, let's say usually when I leave for 2, 3 , 4 days and sometimes seven day tours. Is this something that I can premix and take with me? Is there a limit to how long I can have that in a jar? You do not want to premix this drink and take it with you for that long. Just like when you bite an apple and set it down and it starts to oxidize. A lot of the products we are talking about, because they are alive and living the energy is contained in them and soon as it is exposed to oxygen and air it will start to eliminate. With the chia seeds however it is a little bit counter intuitive because we need to give them at least 15 minutes to get rid of that enzyme inhibitor to let that break away and then it will turn into this like little gel. It is kind of like a little jello coating. You will find it is very hard to pickup. Once we establish that then we can drink it and it will start to lubricate our body. "Wow"It is kind of neat because it is going to give you those essential fatty acids that are going to help also with your digestion and elimination. the Turmeric is going to go right into our cells and help as an anti-inflammatory and the peppermint in there is going to increase the amount of oxygen that is flowing through our body and increase our frequency as well. This is kind of like a little bit of everything all in one little drink. "This is a little bit of outstanding right here" What you do is that you just take the products with you on the road and then you just mix this in the morning. You would take it to the show and your 9:15 break you would drink a thing of Chia seeds instead of doing an energy shot and it will give you more energy then you could ever imagine. "And again where can people find this recipe?" Go onto or http://Motivational where you can find the link to it and we will post it there as well. "OUTSTANDING, well again tommy Thank you so much dude. I'm learning more and more everyday with you. Thank You! I think we may only have one more day with you. John it's a pleasure to be here with you so this is Tommy for the LIVET LIFESTYLE sitting here down with Johnny D or John Dmytryszyn the Motivational Cowboy. On behalf of both of us I hope you are having yourself an Outstanding Day. ALOHA!
LIVET LIFESTYLE’s is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to LIVET… by Making Proper Lifestyle Choices about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… You Will Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds. We Hope to Inspire You to go on a LIVET!. 

““We are Excited to be Here with YOU on this Journey to Inspire You, to Help Yourself because NOW is the Time in Your LIFE to Really LIVET!” - LIVET LIFESTYLE

Get inspired to be a LIVETARIAN & Practice LIVETARIANISM by Making the Greater Majority of the Food You Consume RAW LIVING FOODS like: RAW VEGETABLES, JUICED LEAFY GREENS, WHEATGRASS, SPROUTS, HEMP, CHIA, AVOCADOS, LOCAL RIPE FRUIT, SPROUTED NUTS, SEEDS, ALGAE & SEA VEGATABLES. Drink Water, Take Supplements, Breathe, Get Sun, Stay Active in Both Body & Mind, Practice Healing Therapies, Purchase Healthy Products for Your Home and Detox Your Body By Not Putting Toxins in It: NO MILK, NO CAFFEINE, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, & NO STORE BOUGHT PROCESSED MEAT. On the LIVET LIFESTYLE You Will Start Living To Your Optimum Potential!

“We can only hope that we inspire in you the ability to share the LIVET LIFESTYLE with other so together you can Spread ENERGY, LOVE & LIGHT.” - LIVET LIFESTYLE



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