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ENZYMES for ENERGY & WEIGHT LOSS ◦ Discover 6 Other Optimal SUPPLEMENTS at - EasyBlog




Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _ ! It’s Time to LIVET

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ENZYMES for ENERGY & WEIGHT LOSS ◦ Discover 6 Other Optimal SUPPLEMENTS at

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( Enzymes, meaning change, are the foundation of all biologically active life.  Without enzymes, we could not function.  As we age, our enzymatic reserves deplete over time. Thus, to maintain and increase the biological life within us, we need enzymes to survive.  To avoid enzymatic exhaustion and compromised functioning, we must therefore ingest ENZYMES for optimum health.

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES | Enzymes include digestive enzymes such
 as Amylase, Protease, and Lipase to aid in the breakdown of carbs, proteins, and fats respectively.  Digestive enzymes help alleviate gas and bloating from indigestion and poor food-combining.
METABOLIC ENZYMES | This sector of enzymes helps facilitate the functioning of your metabolic processing.  Metabolic enzymes are necessary for the maintenance of life, including growing, moving, thinking, or other forms of energy expenditure at the most basic level of our intra- and inter-cellular processing.

SYSTEMIC ENZYMES | These enzymes are responsible for anti-inflammation, immune-system regulating, blood-cleansing, disease fighting (virus, bacteria, fungi), and tissue restoring activities. 

YOUTH | Ingesting enzymes fight off free-radical damage and slow down our natural aging processes, and thus better retains our youth, rejuvenating both your mind & body.

ORGAN HEALTH | Enzymes are necessary to maintain the function of organ systems.
IMMUNE SYSTEM STRENGTHENER | Enzymes regulate and navigate the activity of our immune systems actions.
BLOOD CLEANING | Enzymes help to rid the blood and blood vessels of any foreign or extraneous substances that can be harmful or wasteful to us.
PRE-PREGNANCY | Enzymes are excellent for preparing higher health within yourself and your child before and even during a pregnancy.
HELPS COLON | Enzymes reduce the “sludge factor” in your colon.  Eat enzymes for a healthier colon. Enzymes can reduce toxicity in the body that can come from undigested or rancid food absorbing through the colon walls and into the blood.
 “I never ingest a meal without first taking my enzymes.  They are a necessary supplement in my life for taking care of myself and feeling vibrant with health.”
“Enzymes are tasty.  I eat them like a snack, with the vegetable capsule and all.”
“The immediate impact and power that enzymes have on cleaning and rejuvenating the physical processing and energetic speed of biological activity within our blood is amazing.  Dark-field microscopy analysis of blood before versus after ingesting enzymes confirms these significant differences.”
“The importance of enzymes is shown by the fact that a lethal illness can be caused by the malfunction of just one type of enzyme out of thousands of types present in our bodies… when people use these supplemental enzymes, they experience a reduction in the symptoms of illness and an increase in energy.” -Dr. Brian Clement fromLifeForce
In order to go from destination A to B, you need to move…something.  Enzymes are what make that movement possible by literally changing something from being inactive to being active.  Enzymes put everything into motion.  And things that are ALIVE are things in motion, things that are changing through time.
It’s like if I want to pick up my pen from where I am now, I have to move.  Well, enzymes make that movement possible.  Without them, you could not do anything and you would not be alive.  INGEST MORE ENZYMES TO HAVE MORE ABILITY FOR LIFE TO EXIST WITHIN YOU… AND AS YOU!
LifeGiveTM HHI-ZYMES | A highly reputable product for high-quality and highly effective Enzymes.  HHI-Zymes contain the Digestive, Metabolic, and Systemic enzymes that are necessary for optimum health and functioning.  This product also contains other essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to increase the electromagnetic frequency around our cells and maximize protection at the most biologically foundational level of the cell.
SUPPLEMENTAL REST | As a general rule of thumb with supplements, and especially everyday supplements, consume enzymes every day and then 1x per week (i.e. on a fasting day on liquid nutrition) take a break from consuming enzymes to avoid a physical habituation effect.  After six months, take the seventh week off from consuming enzymes, and then return to the normal routine of ingesting enzymes.  Enzymes should be consumed 30min before a meal or broken open and directly poured on food for optimal digestion.


Life's Experiences

LIVET LIFESTYLE’s is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to LIVET… by Making Proper Lifestyle Choices about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… You Will Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds. We Hope to Inspire You to go on a LIVET!. 

““We are Excited to be Here with YOU on this Journey to Inspire You, to Help Yourself because NOW is the Time in Your LIFE to Really LIVET!” - LIVET LIFESTYLE

Get inspired to be a LIVETARIAN & Practice LIVETARIANISM by Making the Greater Majority of the Food You Consume RAW LIVING FOODS like: RAW VEGETABLES, JUICED LEAFY GREENS, WHEATGRASS, SPROUTS, HEMP, CHIA, AVOCADOS, LOCAL RIPE FRUIT, SPROUTED NUTS, SEEDS, ALGAE & SEA VEGATABLES. Drink Water, Take Supplements, Breathe, Get Sun, Stay Active in Both Body & Mind, Practice Healing Therapies, Purchase Healthy Products for Your Home and Detox Your Body By Not Putting Toxins in It: NO MILK, NO CAFFEINE, NO SUGAR, NO DAIRY, NO GLUTEN, & NO STORE BOUGHT PROCESSED MEAT. On the LIVET LIFESTYLE You Will Start Living To Your Optimum Potential!

“We can only hope that we inspire in you the ability to share the LIVET LIFESTYLE with other so together you can Spread ENERGY, LOVE & LIGHT.” - LIVET LIFESTYLE



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