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( Breast disease prevention should start with lifestyle changes and not a reliance on detection technology. If detection technology is needed a Thermography scan is superior & safer then other exams. Breast Thermography is a non-invasive, no contact, painless, and radiation free test of physiology that lasts no longer then 15 minutes. Thermography can detect the subtle changes that accompany breasts, whether it is lumps, 
an infection or a vascular disease. It uses high-resolution digital infrared cameras to detect heat patterns & temperature changes that are strong signs of breast abnormality.
Get a Thermography Breast Procedure 1 time a year.


•  UNDER 15 MIN.

DIGITAL INFRARED THERMAL IMAGING (DITI) | Another name for Thermography
INFRARED THERMOGRAM | Utilizing infrared technology and computer software, technicians simply capture a digitized image of the breast in the form of a heat picture. This picture is read by a trained professional either onsite or at a lab.
DETECT INFLAMMATION | When tissue is abnormal or inflamed, a thermography camera can record its temperature as a color distinct from the color of surrounding healthy tissue. Inflammation creates heat, and it will look different on the photo.
THERMAL FINGERPRINT | Each individual has her own thermal pattern (normally symmetric) that is accurate and static throughout her lifetime. Any changes to her normal “thermal fingerprint” will become apparent.
HISTORIC RECORDS | Breast images are kept on record and form a baseline for all future routine evaluations. Monitoring changes over periods of time with DITI is the most efficient means of identifying subjects who require further investigation.
ALL BENEFIT | All women can benefit, however it is especially appropriate for younger women (30 - 50) whose denser breast tissue makes it more difficult for other exams to be effective.
FAST & FORTUNATE | Can show significant indicators several months before any of the clinical signs of inflammatory breast disease, skin discoloration, swelling or pain.
REAL TIME PREVENTION | If you are alive and breathing, you are an infrared being…emitting infrared energy 24 hours day, every day of your life! As your body functions change, so do your infrared patterns.  Since we are infrared beings, why would we want to ignore that very important part of ourselves? Because Thermography "sees" your body functioning and changing in "real time" it can be used for early detection and disease prevention.
TRACEABLE | If one finger on a patient is a different color on the thermographic image from all the other fingers, then there is probably a blood flow problem to that finger. This in turn suggests there may be a constriction in the artery serving the finger and thus a problem worth attending to.
READ YOUR OWN RESULTS | In effect, the patient becomes her own control; she can compare the differences in heat emission and circulatory quality on one side of her body against the other.
“It’s a brilliant test… I mean, with thermography available and with incredibly credible and well-seasoned organizations like Duke University interpreting them, I would certainly advise their use.” - Dr. Brian Clement, Hippocrates Health Institute
“Much effort is placed on trying to detect cancer at an earlier stage. Unfortunately, the conventional recommendation to get regular mammograms has shown to be more harmful than helpful, as research shows ten times as many women are harmed in some way compared to those whose lives are spared by annual mammograms.” - Dr. Joseph Mercola,
“As I continued down this path, I began sharing my Thermogram comparative case studies with doctors, who now utilize the technology. These case studies clearly prove that women who were alerted to physiological risks at an early stage could lower their risk, some within just a few months, after they were given an opportunity to take action by partnering with a progressive doctor and utilizing preventative strategies… like vitamin D, which is so important, or lymphatic massage, or drainage” - Gaea Powell, Board Certified Thermologist 
12 YEAR STUDY | Over 800 peer-reviewed studies on breast thermography exist in the index medicus literature. In this database, well over 300,000 women have been included as study participants. The numbers of participants in many studies are very large (10,000, 37,000, 60,000, 85,000, etc.) Some of these studies have followed patients for up to 12 years.
Detects the first signs of disease up to 10 years before any other procedure.
Digital infrared thermal imaging (DITI) has a malignant breast cancer detection sensitivity level of 97% according to science.
Significantly augments the long-term survival rates of its recipients by as much as 61%.
EXPERT RESULTS | Duke University is known as the best facility in the USA for reading Thermography results. If your facility reads results onsite you may ask to also have them sent to Duke for a second opinion.
INFLAMATION | Hot patterns mean "inflammation", which makes perfect sense. It is so important to "see" inflammation because it is a very active cause of cancer, heart and cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and much more.
BREAST IMPLANTS | Safe for women with breast implants.
MEN | Might benefit from exam for 1% of breast disease occurs in men
PREGNANT WOMAN & CHILDREN | Completely safe for mothers & children
FULL BODY | Some facilities offer full body scans that are useful in rehab and sports medicine to  diagnosis of neuro-musculoskeletal injuries and their prognosis for return to participation as well as treatment response.
DENTAL HEALTH | Not new in dentistry it is an effective way to examine oral health issues, TMJ or pain conditions. It can more accurately identify facial pain, reducing unnecessary root canal treatments or extractions.
FIBROMYALGIA | Can detect a difference in body pattern which is able to diagnose Fibromyalgia which is not able to be done using X-Ray or Biopsies.
CARDIAC HEALTH | You can see evidence of restrictions of blood flow in specific arteries serving specific body areas and know that a heart disease process is underway, and you can take corrective action before disaster strikes.
THYROID HEALTH | Will find significant temperature asymmetry between the lobes or a temperature variation between the thyroid gland and its surrounding structures.
IT’S NOT GENETIC | The new science is reporting that only 4% of disease is caused purely by genetics. That leaves 96% of all disease being directly influenced by lifestyle choices. This is fantastic news because if a lifestyle choice can turn on and create disease, then it can certainly turn off and heal disease.
LIFESTYLE CHANGE | Currently, we’re at a state where conventional medical treatments for disease are sub-optimal for healing. Instead, attention needs to be directed towards healing the patient from a LIFESTYLE change in perspective of MIND, BODY, & SOUL to fully address the patient’s health. Once the patient has chosen to take the healing process into their own hands, WE at LIVET LIFESTYLE are HERE to guide them through this process.
Thermography (DITI) has been clearly demonstrated to be a valuable and safe early risk marker of breast pathology, and an excellent case management tool for the ongoing monitoring and treatment of breast disease
If breast thermography is so great, why isn’t it more readily available and widely used?
When thermography was first introduced for breast imaging, it was viewed as competition to mammograms. It was tested and evaluated to see if it was more diagnostically accurate than mammography. These comparisons should not have been made, as you cannot compare tests of physiology and anatomy.
In particular, when thermography was tested on younger women, thermographic abnormalities were detected many times but mammograms did not detect any tumors. The results were considered “false positives”. The more patients of younger age screened with the so-called false positive, the more suspicion was placed on thermography. Years later, in re-call studies, a large percentage of these women had developed breast cancer or other breast disease, in the exact location of the abnormal “false-positive” thermogram, thus validating its early warning role. Thermography’s only “error” was that it was too accurate too early and the results couldn’t be corroborated at the time.
It was soon realized that thermography could clearly, objectively, and easily demonstrate the physiological component of pain and injury, especially to the spinal column, due to car accidents, job injuries, and a host of other “tort” related lawsuits. Everyone involved had benefited from these positive test findings, which could be clearly shown to a jury. Everyone benefited that is except the insurance industry as the defendant.
The insurance industry in the United States placed an all-out effort to diminish the value of thermography in courts of law due to high litigation costs. Eventually, lobbying efforts at the AMA’s House of Delegates and at Medicare, brought about the removal of thermographic coverage by most insurance companies and the greatly reduced utilization of thermography in the United States.

Green Health Thermography
Thermology Online
LIVET LIFESTYLE’s is Your Source for Nutrition, Health & Healing … Because the First 3 Letters in Diet Spell _ _ _! It’s Time to LIVET… by Making Proper Lifestyle Choices about Nutrition, Supplements, Detoxing, Body Activation, Mind Activation, Products, Therapies, Food Prep, Your Daily Routine and more… You Will Watch Your World Open Up to Higher Levels of Health in Your Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Worlds. We Hope to Inspire You to go on a LIVET!. 

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“We can only hope that we inspire in you the ability to share the LIVET LIFESTYLE with other so together you can Spread ENERGY, LOVE & LIGHT.” - LIVET LIFESTYLE



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